Hiring For Good

Entelo’s Hiring For Good program is our way of giving back to the community that has helped our business thrive. We partner with two world-class non-profits, CodeEd and The Stride Center.


For each new hire made with Entelo,
we donate one year’s worth of coding instruction to a young woman in the Code Ed program.

Donate Directly to Code Ed

In 2008, only 7% of middle school girls reported that computer engineering would be a desirable career. When you consider that occupations within computer science are projected to account for nearly two-thirds of all job growth between now and 2020, this statistic is particularly worrisome.

CodeEd is a non-profit that teaches computer science to girls in underserved communities, beginning in middle school. They partner with schools and programs that serve low-income girls and provide them with volunteer teachers, computer science course offerings, and computers to work with.

Students are encouraged to work on tangible projects with all exercises focused on building fun additions to their ongoing work. This approach enables students to see the fruits of their labor as they work, reinforcing the impact of their learning. Students enjoy programming and building, and are able to see the completion of these projects as their own reward.

If you’d like to make a standalone donation to CodeEd, we’d love that.

Stride Center

For each new hire made with Entelo, we sponsor one certification test for a student at The Stride Center.

Donate Directly to Stride

Even as California continues to lead in the technology innovation that drives the economy, concentrated pockets of profound poverty and unemployment remain. The people who live in these communities, where unemployment rates can be almost double the national average, and where close to 40 percent of families are living in poverty, are the people The Stride Center serves.

The Stride Center is a non-profit that empowers individuals and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization harnesses the power of technology to help men, women, and families who face barriers to employment attain self-sufficiency.

We love that The Stride Center doesn’t just train its students in IT – it prepares them in every aspect for a new career. Entelo employees help Stride Center students prepare for entry-level and higher-level opportunities by helping students learn how to interview more effectively, network and develop a strong “elevator pitch,” and build social profiles to best present themselves to future employers.

If you’d like to make a standalone donation to The Stride Center, we’d love that.

Entelo and Stride

Charitable Giving is Part of Our Culture.

From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to make giving back part of Entelo’s DNA. Our company matches employee charitable donations, up to $1,000 annually.