Hundreds of high-performing companies use Entelo to build great teams.

“The email outreach with Entelo has been incredibly effective. Our response rates on email have gone up double-digit percents relative to a traditional messaging system.”

Becky McCullough, Director of Recruiting

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"On a weekly basis, I have a competition on who the top three users of Entelo are. That’s because I know how much more productive it’ll make my recruiters."

Luan Lam, VP Global Talent Acquisition

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"I’m gathering our founders and key stakeholders to show them how valuable Entelo has been to us – especially when we make year end budget decisions."

Maren Schmitt, Head of Talent Acquisition

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"We still use LinkedIn Recruiter as more of a name generator for us, but I get way more responses using Entelo."

Heather Cassano, Technical Talent Acquisition Partner

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“It blows my mind how much time it would take me, to do what Entelo does in seconds. Plus, I am getting a much higher quality of data that I have gotten using other methods.”

Marielle Smith, Director of Recruiting

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“The high level of engagement shown to us by the Entelo customer success team is truly exceptional. They have taken the time to learn about Schneider Electric – they understand our needs and the profiles we are looking for. They are truly an extension of our team.”

LaDonna Tucker, Director of Talent Acquisition/Mobility

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“With the help of Entelo, we’ve been able to exceed our sourcing goals and quickly bring on dozens of senior-level and mission-critical employees. It has quickly become my team’s most valuable resource for candidate research!”

Alan Cooper, Senior Manager of Worldwide Staffing and Candidate Research

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“I’ve worked with a multitude of enterprise companies - as partners, employers, clients, and customers. I can speak with conviction about the power of Entelo as a unique platform that helps companies identify targeted, diverse, hard-to-find talent.”

Josh Anderson, Chief Operations Officer

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Iowa-based enterprise software company, Workiva leverages Entelo to discover high-quality candidates, personalize outreach, and increase response rates by over 20%.
HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) uses Entelo's software to source for talent as well as email candidates, track responses, and refine their messaging. With Entelo, HubSpot's email response rates have gone up double-digit percentages compared to other email approaches.
SkySlope shares how Entelo has empowered their team to find, qualify, and engage with top talent more effectively. Darren alone has hired over 25 tough-to-fill reqs this year, and gets excited about making personal connections thanks to the information that Entelo provides.
Schneider Electric uses Entelo's software to evaluate top talent and credits Entelo's Customer Success team with being an extension of their own recruiting team.
Tired of the old ways of recruiting, Lookout uses the Entelo technology to boost personalized engagement with technical candidates.
SendGrid doubles its headcount in less than 11 months by using Entelo as its one-stop shop for access to high-quality talent.
Weebly considers Entelo one of the best technologies available for outbound sourcing, and in addition to the product, loves our customer support.
We've got you covered.

All Entelo customers are backed by our award-winning customer success team, which offers dedicated engagement and support. We are available to help strategize on all dimensions of recruiting – from building effective searches, to employer branding, to effective outreach.


"We're recruiters at heart. We love building teams as much as we love the technology we use doing it. We strive to provide remarkable service to our customers so that they can focus on what matters most: recruiting the best talent for their teams."

Loni Spratt, Recruiter Evangelist, Entelo