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Watch Loni use Entelo Search to source Senior Android Engineers in San Francisco.

You'll see how to utilize our advanced filters, use basic boolean searching, and surface candidates who meet your specific requirements.

Energize your workflow by adding powerful tools to classic methods. Entelo supports simple queries, sophisticated Boolean strings, and everything in between. Candidates are stack-ordered for you, based on their skill relevance, expertise, and potential availability.

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One-of-a-kind filters bring you exactly the candidates you’re looking for. Ignore founders, other recruiters, and talent who just took a new job, leaving only the candidates who are ready to be recruited. Entelo features a range of filters you can’t find anywhere else.

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Aggregated social data gives you the clearest picture of a candidate yet. View talent’s entire public web presence all in one clean, unified interface. Researching your candidates has never been easier.

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