Inbound Recruiting
Studies show the best candidates are off the market within just 10 days. Entelo Stack is designed to help you focus your efforts and respond to top talent quickly.
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"Entelo helps us be more competitive โ€” in this market, you have to move quickly on good candidates. The Stack product saves me from weeding through a sea of resumes and lets me take action on the best ones."

Adrienne Ramos
Lead Recruiter, Engineering at Zenefits


Integration with Leading ATSs

We designed the Stack product to give you a shortcut to your short list. Stack is a data and analytics platform that integrates with your ATS, and works on both existing and incoming applicants.

Diverse Candidate Pool

Entelo Stack's name anonymization feature was designed to help reduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process. It lets talent teams continue to consider candidates from all backgrounds.


Candidate Ranking

Let Entelo's algorithms do the heavy lifting for you. Entelo "stack ranks" candidates instantaneously, surfacing the best candidates for you faster while eliminating unqualified applicants from your list in minutes instead of hours.

Best of all, you maintain control over the process โ€“ Entelo responds to the ranking criteria that you assign. Set which qualifications matter most to you, such as a candidate's skills, location, experience, and education background.

Entelo also widens your hiring net by comparing qualified candidates from across other job openings, so you can engage with candidates who have already expressed interest in the company.

Entelo Insights

Get greater insight into your recruiting efficacy at each stage. Entelo provides you with the data on your biggest talent sources, helping you visualize your candidate funnel to hit your goals at every stage of the hiring process.


Automated Actions

Time is precious to talent teams like yours. Use our inbox-style interface to quickly take action on your inbound applicants. You can save even more time by applying automatic actions, such as promoting the top candidates as they apply or rejecting candidates who fail certain requirements.

'Follow' a job and you'll receive notifications when a change occurs, such as when a qualified candidate applies.

"Stack helps you find candidates that would fit your open position but applied to another role. You never want someone to fall through the cracks.โ€

Adrienne Ramos
Lead Recruiter, Engineering at Zenefits