ATS Search +

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Perform a deeper search within your applicant tracking system.

Just how deep is your candidate pool? Your ATS is a great source of recent candidates, but it also contains previous applicants who may now be a good fit for your open roles.

ATS Search Plus lets you do a deep search for talent in your existing candidate database and apply a richer set of search filters than ever before. The search engine performs a faceted search within your ATS so that you receive the most relevant, targeted results.

You can:

  • Perform a deep search within your ATS, including the contents of resumes and cover letters
  • Resurface previous candidates who can be re-engaged for current openings
  • Narrow down to specific skills, job titles, companies, and locations
  • Search for candidates across all jobs, or limit them to a particular job (or even a specific department within your organization)
  • Perform your searches either within Entelo Stack, or your ATS via a browser extension
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