Outbound Recruiting
Passive candidates make up 75% of the talent market. Entelo Search helps you engage with them using today's most innovative recruiting technologies.
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Source great candidates using Entelo and export them directly into your ATS

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“With Entelo our sourcers are both more effective and more efficient – Entelo has enabled our recruiter team to develop more advanced and automated recruiting processes.”

Nicole Wormley
Sr. Manager, U.S. Talent Acquisition | Campbell's Soup Co.


Source from over 300 million candidate profiles using our powerful search engine built for recruiters, giving you access to rich social data. See data aggregated from over 50 sources across the web, giving you a holistic view of candidates. Best of all, Entelo's information is continually refreshed and stays dynamic.

Entelo supports simple queries, sophisticated Boolean strings, and a powerful set of search filters. Find candidates based on skill relevance, expertise, and potential availability.

"We asked ourselves, 'How can we continue to add diverse candidates to the top of the funnel?' Entelo was the perfect choice to help us cast a wider net."

Dawn Mitchell
Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Opower


More Likely to Move™

Entelo's proprietary algorithms help increase your response rates by identifying candidates who are more likely to change jobs.

Entelo Diversity

Entelo helps you find candidates whose social profiles indicate a high probability of meeting gender, race, or military experience requirements.

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Entelo Sonar

Have Entelo locate the top candidates for your open job req and receive a daily list of curated candidates straight to your inbox.

"Entelo provides us with a one-stop shop for anything you could want to know about a candidate. Their professional history, contact information, and even their likelihood of changing jobs is available and accurate. This allows us to reliably craft a targeted message that will intrigue our candidates at precisely the right time."

Shilpa Chandra
Leadership & Executive Sourcing at Visa


Entelo Track

Boost productivity with our email tracking. Track alerts you when candidates interact with your emails, allowing you to gauge interest, optimize subject lines, and learn the best times to reach out. Increase open rates by sending emails on behalf of an executive team member, hiring manager or other colleague.

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Entelo Chrome Extension

Take Entelo with you as you source the web. Access information on candidates’ additional profiles, work experience, and skills in a condensed view, meaning you never have to abandon your search to read through a candidate’s profile, leave notes for your team, or send an email.