Entelo Track

Isn’t it time recruiters had the same powerful email tools as salespeople?

“On a weekly basis, I have a competition on who the top three users of Entelo are. That’s because I know how much more productive it’ll make my recruiters.”

Luan Lam
VP of Global Talent Acquisition at AppDynamics

Entelo Track gives modern recruiters the data-driven email performance that their sales and marketing counterparts have enjoyed for years.

Say goodbye to hours spent manually tracking email – Track works across your entire team. You’ll also receive statistics to help gauge your team’s performance, see which emails are performing best, and continue to refine your outreach strategy.

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Entelo Track Features


Real-time tracking alerts you when candidates are interacting with your emails, allowing you to gauge interest, optimize subject lines, and learn the best times to reach out.


Have a bunch of candidate emails to get out? Write them all at once and schedule them to be sent at different times. You’ll be more in tune with your candidate’s particular schedule, and more likely to reach them at an opportune time.

Send on Behalf of

Candidates are more likely to respond to their peers or to hiring managers. Entelo Track lets you send emails on their behalf, saving time and improving candidate response rates.

Automated Follow Up

Forget reminding yourself to check on candidates you've already contacted. Configure follow-up emails to automatically send according to rules that you set, like after a candidate has clicked on a link in your email, but hasn't responded yet.

"It’s going to save you a crazy amount of time, with a much higher quality of data you wouldn't get otherwise. It blows my mind how much time it would take me, to do what Entelo does in seconds."

Marielle Smith
Director of Recruiting at Inflection

Source great candidates using Entelo and export them directly into your ATS.

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