September 25, 2018

Entelo and Beamery Announce Partnership


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – September 25, 2018Entelo and Beamery announced today a partnership to give recruiters every capability they need to source, attract and engage candidates at every stage of the funnel. With this partnership, recruiters can now export a candidate profile from Entelo into Beamery, allowing them to fill existing pipelines and campaigns with prospective talent.

“As talent acquisition teams develop sophisticated recruitment marketing strategies, it’s crucial to have all candidate information in one place,” said Yasmin Zarabi, head of business development at Entelo. “This partnership enables recruiters to build a pool of candidates from many sources and nurture those individuals wherever they are in the candidate pipeline.”

Entelo and Beamery are partnering to make sure that anyone using both platforms is able to navigate between them seamlessly and optimize their candidates as they move through the pipeline. This partnership allows sourcers to leverage the unique workflows powered by Beamery, such as talent pool automation and nurture, in conjunction with Entelo’s recruiting automation functionality.

“We are investing in the partnership with Entelo to not only be an integration but as a stepping stone to build the most efficient end-to-end workflow for sourcers to identify, engage and nurture talent, leveraging the best-in-class and now integrated functionalities of both systems,” said Sultan Saidov, Chief Product Officer at Beamery

How does it work?

Entelo’s recruiting automation solution enables companies to identify qualified candidates and automatically engage those candidates in the recruiting process. Through this new integration, users can now export that data into Beamery where they can enrich and enhance it using data intelligence and nurture candidates through automated campaigns, creating a best in class candidate experience. Employers who are using both online and offline tools to recruit candidates need to keep track of all prospects in one place. With this integration, candidates from any source are integrated into an easy-to-view dashboard and can be managed individually through the candidate journey.

About Entelo

Entelo builds AI and automation software to help modern recruiters identify, qualify and engage talent. Today, approximately 700 customers of all sizes and industries trust Entelo to provide their talent acquisition teams with higher candidate engagement, actionable insights and increased productivity. The leader in recruiting automation, Entelo helps organizations like Cisco, Genentech, Lyft, Netflix, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman and Target build their teams. To learn more about the Entelo recruiting automation platform, visit Find out about open roles at Entelo and subscribe to the Entelo Blog for insight and updates on the talent acquisition industry.

About Beamery

Beamery is the leading Talent Engagement Platform. Combining candidate relationship management (CRM), Talent marketing, and a connected layer to legacy systems, it enables enterprises to attract, identify & engage candidates on one unified platform, to deliver better talent acquisition at scale. Founded in 2013 and trusted by leading organizations like Continental, Zalando, Okta, Grab, Improbable and Balfour Beatty – Beamery has offices in London, Austin, and San Francisco. For more information, visit and follow @beameryhq ‘The best candidate experiences are powered by Beamery.’