August 8, 2018

Entelo Encourages Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring Practices, Adding New Unbiased Sourcing Mode to Its Platform


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. –– August 8, 2018Entelo, the recruiting automation platform modernizing hiring, today announced the availability of an important new feature, Unbiased Sourcing Mode, in its industry-leading sourcing product, Entelo Search™. The new feature allows users to hide specific information in candidate profiles that can potentially lead to both deliberate and unconscious bias in the evaluation process. Suppressing information irrelevant to open positions gives recruiters and hiring managers the ability to surface top candidates based on merit alone.

“Even when people have the best of intentions, unconscious bias can still creep in,” said Head of Recruiting at, Erica Waichman. “Entelo’s Unbiased Sourcing Mode takes intention out of the equation and applies technology to effectively surface the best candidates based solely on qualifications. It reminds and enables us to keep our biases in check well beyond the sourcing stage. We find it to be a very useful tool as we strive to ensure a diverse range of voices throughout our growing our company.”

After releasing name and photo anonymization capability earlier this year, Entelo built upon the existing technology to further promote unbiased sourcing. Using Unbiased Sourcing Mode, Entelo users can anonymize factors commonly associated with different forms of bias. Filter options include anonymizing names, hiding photos, and replacing gender-specific pronouns to address gender and racial bias, hiding school names to address educational bias, hiding employment gaps to address bias against candidates that have taken family leave, as well as hiding years of experience and hiding graduation dates to address age bias. Hiring professionals simply select the filters they want before executing a search. Utilizing Unbiased Sourcing Mode enables recruiters to surface the best candidates for their needs while ensuring everyone receives a fair chance.  

“Unconscious bias is difficult to mitigate because it’s tough to know when and where it’s taking place,” said Senior Product Manager for Search & Envoy at Entelo, Elena Sigacheva. “We can unconsciously prefer candidates just because they look familiar, sound familiar, remind us of ourselves, or remind us of people who are successful in our field. By focusing on the qualifications that matter for a particular job, and removing those that don’t, Entelo adds another layer of value to intelligent candidate sourcing. We are helping companies minimize unconscious bias in a standardized way across an entire organization to encourage more diverse, inclusive, and productive work environments.”

Entelo is also making it easier for hiring managers to access the Entelo platform through a newly released Hiring Manager Review queue. This new feature streamlines the candidate review process so that recruiters and hiring managers can collaborate together to fill roles more efficiently. The Hiring Manager Review feature includes Unbiased Sourcing Mode functionality as well so that unconscious bias is minimized at every angle of the sourcing process.

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