Introducing Entelo Envoy

Interested candidates in your inbox

Put your sourcing on autopilot

Envoy enables you to automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with sourcing. By applying the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Envoy surfaces those who are the best fit for your open role – and most importantly, interested in your opportunity – and delivers them directly to your email inbox. Yep, it’s really that simple.

“With Entelo’s Envoy product, I experienced a problem every head of TA wants: more responses and phone screens than we could handle.”

Hilary Clarke

Head of Talent Acquisition, HotelTonight

“Knowing that Envoy would be operating in the background, and that I wouldn’t have to spend my nights staying up late to source, was like a dream come true!”

Technical Recruiter | Social Code

Marlon Lucas

Combine the best of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to automate manual sourcing tasks and reach the best candidates, faster.

Increase your pipeline with high-quality candidates

Imagine opening a role and being presented with a slate of new candidates immediately, without lifting a finger. Entelo Envoy’s powerful machine learning algorithms systematically sort through millions of potential candidates – without bias – to present those most qualified and interested directly to your team.

Fill open roles faster and reduce your cost per hire

With Entelo Envoy, the discovery, qualification, and outreach portions of your recruiting process happen instantly, not in days or weeks. By jump starting the most labor intensive part of your recruiting workflow, you’ll hire faster and significantly drive cost per hire down.

Free up more hours in the day for your recruiting team

By automating repetitive and time consuming activities – like finding best fit candidates and personalizing outreach – Entelo Envoy gives your team back valuable hours in the day. Finally, your recruiters can focus on high value add activities like providing an optimal candidate experience and closing mission-critical hires.

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