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Thanks to Entelo, the most intelligent recruiting automation software available.

“With Entelo, our team can accomplish so much more with the time we have. We no longer have to run the same search in 10 different places or worry about the duplication of our efforts. We have access to all of the candidate information we need in one central place, including the means to engage with them directly!”

Alan Cooper

Senior Manager of Worldwide Staffing and Candidate Research | Splunk

Entelo is transforming the way companies discover, qualify and acquire talent


Entelo’s smart and powerful search engine allows you to hone in on best-fit talent more quickly. Entelo analyzes hundreds of variables to quickly find candidates that match your criteria while arming you with actionable and data-driven advice to optimize your outreach.

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Predict your next hire

Focus your efforts where it counts. Entelo analyzes dozens of variables to predict candidates’ receptiveness to new opportunities. Candidates who are More Likely to MoveTM are 2X more likely to make change within the next 90 days, than other candidates.  

Diversify your talent pipeline

Reap the benefits of building strong, diverse teams. Entelo allows you to easily include candidates from underrepresented groups, such as those based on gender, race, or military experience, to the top of your funnel.

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Automate and optimize your outreach

Let Entelo take care of the manual work, so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your most promising candidates. Build custom drip campaigns, optimize for best sending times, view candidate engagement levels, and send on behalf of executives or hiring managers with the most powerful email platform available for recruiters.

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Drive action with data

Entelo’s powerful reporting framework provides you with unmatched insights into your team’s activity and performance, so you can rely on data to align your talent spend with what’s actually working.

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Take Entelo with you wherever you source

With the Entelo Chrome Extension, you can quickly access rich information on candidates without so much as opening a new tab. View profiles, enter notes, add to a list, or message candidates directly – all from the Entelo extension.

Entelo integrates seamlessly with your ATS