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Streamline Your Candidate Sourcing Workflow

The Entelo Chrome Extension helps you bring Entelo with you while browsing whichever  preferred candidate sourcing tool. Leverage Entelo data while you browse profiles on other social sites such as LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, Twitter and other sources. At Entelo we want to adapt to the way that you source and not the other way around. The Entelo Chrome Extension does just that, by providing a condensed view of candidate data at your fingertips, no matter where you may be sourcing.

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Here's How it Works

Find & Qualify

Use the Entelo Profile module to get a summary view of a candidate’s social footprint, skill level, company fit, likeliness to move, key achievements, and career progression. Add candidates to Entelo Projects and find similar profiles.

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Entelo Google Chrome extension


In the Messaging module, access candidates’ personal email address, craft and optimize emails using Outreach Insights, and schedule automated follow ups.

Export to Your ATS

Navigate to the Export module to add sourced candidates directly to your Entelo-
partnered ATS.

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