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“With Entelo, our team can accomplish so much more with the time we have. We no longer have to run the same search in 10 different places or worry about the duplication of our efforts. We have access to all of the candidate information we need in one central place, including the means to engage with them directly!”

Alan Cooper

Senior Manager of Worldwide Staffing and Candidate Research | Splunk

A Powerful Search Engine, Built for Recruiters

Search for your perfect candidate

Search through Entelo’s deep candidate database using our powerful search engine built specifically for recruiters. Enter simple search queries, sophisticated Boolean strings, or take advantage of the advanced search filters available to easily refine your results.

The ultimate indicator of fit for your open role

Get in-depth insights into each prospective candidate by surfacing key data points not found on the traditional resume, like a candidate’s career highlights and progression, company fit, their likelihood of switching jobs soon, and the details yielding to their unique market value.

Focus on candidates who are ready to move

Entelo analyzes dozens of variables to predict candidates’ receptiveness to new opportunities. Candidates who are More Likely to MoveTM are 2X more likely to make change within the next 90 days, than other candidates.

Explore the talent marketplace

Set the right expectations with hiring managers and other stakeholders in the recruitment process by providing insights into talent pool supplies and demographics. Entelo Talent Insights help you recruit smarter and target the right talent pools. Interactive and up-to-date insights reveal the pools with the most skilled candidates for your open position.