The Entelo Difference

From the beginning, we’ve believed in a better experience for both recruiters and candidates. This led us to develop a full-featured recruiting automation platform that dramatically improves the experience of discovering, qualifying, and acquiring potential hires. We hope you’ll join over 600 organizations whose talent teams are already using the Entelo platform.

We believe in working smarter, not harder

Designed with the recruiter’s daily workflow in mind, Entelo delivers significant efficiency gains for recruiting teams. Proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence, and end-to-end automation speed up candidate discovery and qualification processes and continually float best-fit candidates to the top of your talent pipeline.

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Engagement is the new sourcing

Discovering and qualifying candidates is only part of the equation. What really matters is whether or not candidates respond to your team. With Entelo, recruiting teams gain a competitive advantage. Recruiters who use Entelo are 3.2X more likely to have their emails opened than those who don’t, and candidates are over 4X more likely to reply. Our powerful email platform, built specifically for candidate engagement, enables recruiting teams to get results.

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Built with diversity (and higher performance) in mind

Diversity now goes beyond compliance. We are advocates for inclusion and know that a diverse workforce drives more creativity, more productivity, and better financial results. Our technology helps ensure a diverse candidate pipeline as well as reduce inherent biases in the sourcing and screening process – especially for the 85% of companies who believe diversity is crucial for innovation in the workplace.

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Our technology works with your existing processes

Dealing with multiple point solutions is painful and inefficient. Entelo was built to easily fit into your existing technology stack by integrating with other leading HR technology providers, including your applicant tracking system. Our partnership means less work for your organization and a more seamless workflow for your talent team.

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We’re an extension of your recruiting team

We’re so much more than customer support. Our customer success managers are available for guidance and advice around all aspects of recruiting, from effective sourcing, to candidate engagement, to maximizing efficiencies. We’re all in the business of recruiting, and your success is our success.

Enabling Customer Success

These are a few of Entelo’s key differentiators. But don’t just take it from us – ask one of our 600+ customers.

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