Making Recruiting a Better Place

We believe that a company’s people are their primary driver of success and innovation, and the most important strategic decision that a company can make is who they hire.

Our story

In talking to executives across the globe, we’ve found that hiring the right people, fast enough, is consistently their biggest challenge. For too long, recruiters have had to cope with antiquated tools that rely on manual processes. Lacking data-driven approaches, talent acquisition has been mired in guesswork. We built Entelo because we believe there is a better way to find the right people for your company. Using predictive algorithms, data-backed insights, and the single largest source of recruiting data, period, we’ve created a recruiting automation platform to help you recruit faster, smarter, and better.

Our Values

Prioritize People

Great people are the foundation of great companies. This belief drives how we hire and develop our team and the products we build for our customers.

Choose Collaboration

We accomplish more together than apart.

Embrace Grit

When faced with formidable challenges, we courageously persevere. With a growth mindset, we continuously seek these opportunities for personal and professional development.

Earn Trust & Give Trust

We communicate openly and honestly, hold ourselves accountable, and act in the best interests of Entelo.

Celebrate the Differences

Our diversity makes us stronger. By respecting one another, we foster a sense of belonging and create a better Entelo.

Meet Our Executive Team

Jon Bischke

Co-Founder & CEO

Jon is the founder and CEO of Entelo. A serial entrepreneur, Jon founded three companies in the e-learning and social networking space and served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Battery Ventures. He holds a B.S. from University of Minnesota and an M.B.A. from UCLA.

Elena Sigacheva

Head of Product

Elena heads Product at Entelo, managing PM, product design, product marketing, and driving Diversity & Inclusion product initiatives. Previously, Elena worked in venture capital evaluating investment opportunities, and in investment banking doing risk management. She holds an M.B.A. and multiple international undergraduate degrees in Economics & Banking and Finance.

Yasmin Zarabi

SVP of Business and Corporate Development

Yasmin Zarabi leads business and corporate development at Entelo. Previously she served as VP of Legal and Compliance at Hearsay Systems along with a variety of legal roles including General Counsel and Associate General Counsel. She holds a J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law School and a B.A. in English from University of California, Berkeley.

Joao Antunes

Head of Engineering

Joao has almost a decade of professional software development and management experience in building core customer-facing products, operating high-scale distributed systems, and managing high-performing engineering and data science teams. He also has several years of experience in international research projects, where he co-authored several international research papers, published two books, and earned a PhD in Network Security.

Mariko Minamoto

Chief of Staff

Mariko is the chief of staff to Entelo’s founder and CEO, Jon Bischke. She has significant experience partnering with senior leadership teams on strategic initiatives and has held previous roles in human resources and recruiting. She holds a B.S. from University of Miami and an M.B.A from George Washington University.

Trevor Fox

Head of Sales

Trevor brings over a decade of venture backed sales experience spanning the commercial real estate, travel, and HR verticals. Prior to joining Entelo, he was part of the sales leadership teams that saw Hipmunk and LoopNet through growth and eventual acquisitions in their space. Trevor holds a B.S. in Economics and Sociology from UC Davis.