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Talent Pool Automation

Entelo accelerates your ATS workflow by providing automation journeys that help you engage with prospects across all of your hiring stages. Automate outreach and followups and make scheduling for hiring events a breeze.
Entelo makes it easy to deliver engaging, personalized emails and texts to candidates. Integrated with your ATS, a message can be launched at every step in the Candidate Journey, saving recruiters precious time while delighting applicants with status updates and feedback.

Multi-Step Workflows

Use multi-touch workflows to engage with candidates on the mediums they use most often. Timely and personalized communications can be triggered as soon as a candidate applies, keeping them fully engaged with your company and up-to-date on where they are in the hiring process. Keep candidates warm or boomerang them back even after a position has been filled.

Two-Way ATS Integration

Entelo integrates with your ATS to power all communications between candidates and your hiring team throughout the hiring process. Create and send personalized communication campaigns triggered as applicants change status within your ATS. Keep candidates warm and engaged.

Event Management

Run large-scale automation campaigns to increase turnout for hiring events.

Internal Alerts

Keep key stakeholders in the loop with robust internal alerts.

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