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Analytics & Reporting

Entelo provides the built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards you need to measure your success
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Recruiting is about so much more than just finding great candidates. You must also make important decisions about how to allocate your talent budget in the most efficient way possible. Entelo provides comprehensive analytics and reporting to accelerate your recruiting process and make informed decisions, every time.

  • Track Engagement Metrics & Improve Experience
  • Measure & Optimize Your Interviews
  • Survey Candidates During the Hiring Process
Sourcing activity reports from Entelo

Sourcing Activity Reports

Get a better picture of your talent pipeline and what it takes for your team to make a hire. Keep track of searches performed, profiles viewed, candidates contacted, emails accessed, and much more.

Diversity Sourcing Reports

Gain visibility into your organization’s diversity sourcing efforts with a complete breakdown of your candidate funnel by gender and ethnicity. Leverage these insights to optimize your strategy and achieve your diversity sourcing goals.

Talent Pool Reports Entelo

Talent Pool Reports

Entelo’s Talent Pool Reports help recruiters effectively tailor their sourcing strategy and better target key talent pools by providing an at-a-glance breakdown of available candidate pool by specific criteria.

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Track engagement metrics and candidate communication analytics with Entelo
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Track Engagement Metrics & Improve Experience

Detailed analytics lets your team track and measure how candidates are responding to your Journey communications and interacting with your messages. Robust data empowers you to make informed decisions on how to optimize Journeys to make better hires and decrease employee churn.

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Measure and optimize your interviews with Entelo
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Measure & Optimize Your Interviews

Monitor completion rates and volume of the On-Demand interviews your candidates are taking. See where candidates are falling out in order to make smart decisions on where to optimize your question sets.

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Candidate satisfaction surveys example from Entelo
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Survey Candidates During the Hiring Process

Monitor how your candidates feel about your process. Measure the satisfaction of your candidates across all positions and use that data to proactively ensure you are providing the best experience all the way through.

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