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Talent Communications & Engagement

Engage with top talent faster using our suite of communication tools and simplify your outreach process
Entelo talent sourcing and candidate analytics
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More Channels + More Engagement = Faster Hires.

Top candidates are always in demand. More and more, they expect real-time, relevant updates as to where they are in the process. Entelo empowers you to use multi-touch campaigns to engage with candidates on the mediums they use most often. Keep candidates warm, engaged, and in the know about your company and what it’s truly like to work there.

  • Outreach Optimization
  • Send on Behalf of a Peer or Hiring Manager
  • Candidate Self-Scheduling
  • Digital Interviewing
  • Candidate Satisfaction Surveys
Email candidates with Entelo

Email Messaging

Use branded email templates to run sophisticated email campaigns.

Text messaging candidate engagement with Entelo

SMS Messaging

Add text messaging to your toolbox and increase engagement.

Live candidate chat with Entelo

Live Chat

Offer live chat services to provide candidates quick access to information.

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Optimize candidate outreach with inclusive messaging alerts from Entelo
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Candidate Outreach Optimization

Track candidate outreach and get actionable recommendations on how to optimize your messaging.

With passive candidates, you only get one shot at a first impression. Leverage data-backed recommendations to optimize your outreach emails and get 30% more replies on average.

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Track Email Outreach in Realtime

Send, track, and analyze all of your candidate communication directly within Entelo Track. Entelo seamlessly integrates with your Gmail, Outlook Exchange or Office 365 email client, so you can gauge the performance of your efforts, prioritize outreach, and refine your outreach strategy over time.

Automate Follow-Up Communications

Never stress about remembering to follow up with a candidate again. Enable follow up communication to automatically send on your behalf according to rules that you set (like after a certain period of time with no response from your candidate).

Get Tailored and Actionable Recommendations to Optimize Candidate Messaging

Derived from the analysis of millions of recruiting emails sent over time, Outreach Insights offer the first conclusive and data-driven approach to candidate outreach. From inclusive language recommendations to verb and subject line improvements, Entelo is your copilot to writing emails that get noticed.

Reach Your Candidate's Inbox at Exactly the Right Time

When the timing of your email send aligns with your candidate’s schedule, you increase the chances your message will be read. Lean on Entelo to supply you with the send time that is the most likely to yield the highest open rate for your recipients. Then easily schedule emails for sending, so they’re at the top of your candidate’s inbox at the best possible time.

Send candidate communications on behalf of a peer or hiring manager with Entelo
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Send on Behalf of a Peer or Hiring Manager

Candidates are more than twice as likely to respond to their peers or hiring managers than a recruiter. Watch engagement skyrocket when you send emails on behalf of your colleagues, and save your hiring managers valuable time.

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Candidate Self-Scheduling

Reduce time spent manually scheduling interviews and spend more time focusing on delivering a remarkable candidate experience. There are four interview scheduling challenges that we solve. Simply pick the one you want to use to schedule an interview for one candidate or multiple candidates and we'll handle the rest.

10 Work Weeks

Saved for Every 100 Job Reqs

30% Improvement

In Hiring Yield per Round
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Candidate interview self-scheduling system with Entelo
One-on-One Interviews

Get real-time access to a recruiter or hiring manager's calendar. Suggest specific time slots to candidates based on your company's business rules for that interview setup. After a candidate selects a time, we'll send out invites to everyone and that time becomes unavailable for others to book.

Round-Robin Interviews

In many hiring processes, there are a host of team members who may take turns running the same round of interviews. Imagine a team of 20 engineers, any one of which can run the 1st round interview with a new candidate. With Entelo, you can choose which team members participate in interviews, set up rotations or designate mandatory interviewers for each job opening.

Group/Panel Interviews

Getting multiple members of your hiring team to interview a candidate at the same time is no longer a time-consuming process. With Entelo, you can create a ‘team’ and set up scheduling rules defining duration, location, online/in-person, and all other relevant interview details. Entelo will find times that work across the board, and your candidate will self-schedule themselves, choosing from times that work for your entire hiring team.

Sequential Interviews

Getting candidates set up for an on-site interview with multiple members of your team is a typical part of the hiring process. But trying to match up everyone’s calendars can significantly delay interviews from moving forward. Entelo eliminates all of this manual work and allows candidates to select blocks of time the entire interview team is available.

Digital interviewing software from Entelo
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Digital Interviewing

Save time screening applicants with digital video interviewing software. Improve process efficiency, and easily get feedback from hiring managers – with actionable insights to help you make great hires, fast.

70% Time Savings

over phone screening

64% Improvement

in time-to-hire rates
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Candidate satisfaction surveys example from Entelo
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Candidate Satisfaction Surveys

Over 66% of candidates who have a negative experience will share it with 6 or more people or employer review sites. This is damaging your employer brand and putting you at a disadvantage to competitors. With Entelo, send candidate satisfaction surveys to your candidates via email or text message. Responses are provided on a 1-5 scale. Capture comments and analyze trends for insight into your company’s ratings and how candidates view your employer brand.

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