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Discover Underrepresented Talent Pools in Minutes – Not Hours

Discover the talent you need to propel your business forward
Build a stronger business ethos, accelerate value creation and improve financial performance with a diverse and more inclusive workforce. Entelo Diversity empowers your organization to reap the benefits of building strong, diverse teams. Surface top candidates from under-represented groups based on gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status, and recruit a strong, diverse and innovative team.

One-Click Diversity Filters

Filter search results to surface the best candidates from underrepresented groups with speed and efficiency.


of all searches on Entelo's platform are diversity searches

2X Growth

in diversity searches on Entelo's platform over the past three years.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias in Your Sourcing

Prevent unconscious bias from creeping into your sourcing process. With Entelo’s Unbiased Sourcing Mode you can hide and anonymize candidate information commonly associated with different forms of bias before executing a search or sharing a review queue with a hiring manager.

Inclusive Language Alerts

Entelo will automatically highlight non-inclusive language in the body of your email and offer suggestions for improvement. These tips are based on deep analysis of millions of recruiting emails.

Diversity Highlights

Quickly identify candidates from underrepresented groups with new candidates badges highlighting the rich dimensions of diversity. Discover candidates who belong to groups associated with specific minorities, such as LGBTQ, Hispanic, Asian, and women’s networks, as well as candidates who have championed diversity initiatives at work

Diverse Pipeline Reporting

Gain visibility into your organization’s diversity sourcing efforts and measure progress. Keep your talent team accountable by complying with federal regulations and demonstrating good faith diversity recruiting efforts.

Explore the talent marketplace

Set the right expectations with hiring managers and other stakeholders in the recruitment process by providing insights into talent pool supplies and demographics. Entelo Talent Insights help you recruit smarter and target the right talent pools. Interactive and up-to-date insights reveal the pools with the most skilled candidates for your open position.

Entelo Insights

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