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Introducing Entelo's
Strategic Managed Services for Talent Acquisition

Transforming your company isn't an easy task. Entelo's assembled a strategic team of Talent Acquisition and Technology experts that have launched hundreds of successful programs across 6 continents. Entelo's Managed Services team will partner with you to accelerate and achieve your hiring goals and increase your ROI. Our expertise in DE&I, candidate engagement, employer branding, and university recruiting will allow you to choose from a variety of options to assist in implementing and achieving strategic goals.
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Our strategic ongoing monthly managed services provide your team with the most flexibility possible. Pool your monthly hours to tackle a mission-critical initiative each quarter or choose monthly to allocate towards strategy, training, campaign creation, talent pooling, custom reporting and more!  
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Customized Talent Pool Reporting
  • Campaign Messaging Strategy
  • Tailored Training for Recruitment Professionals
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Talent Acquisition Strategy

Our team will align on your most strategic initiatives to acquire and retain the best talent and share best practices learned from working with 100's of global leaders in talent acquisition to accelerate your goals. Utilize hours to accelerate your strategic recruiting initiatives. Whether it's launching a targeted talent pool campaign towards a defined target group or building out a DE&I program or training or launching an event, University or early-in-career campaign, our team will equip you to get the largest amount of engagement and ROI from your target candidate groups.

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Customized Talent Pool Reporting

With over a decade of AI and machine-learning at your fingertips, Entelo allows you to harness the power of 500 million professional profiles. Let our team work with you to deliver the essential data you need to tackle your candidate sourcing and hiring goals.

Whether you want to do a deep dive on the talent pools of your core competitors, explore hiring in an untapped tech market or region or analyze the top talent pools to hire underrepresented groups, Entelo's team of sourcing experts have you covered. Leverage Entelo's customized reporting to stand out in your next leadership QBR.

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Recruitment Campaign Messaging Strategy

Dive into engaging with passive candidates. We've launched thousands of successful campaigns targeting some of the most in-demand talent pools in the world. Let our team partner with you to create custom messaging by talent pool segment.

We'll even share down to the day (and hour) when to launch your campaigns for maximum ROI and a 30% increase in reply rates on average. In doing so, we'll also support your DE&I initiatives by working together to ensure the elimination of any unconscious bias in your communications.

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Tailored Training for Recruitment Professionals

Running a TA team is a full-time job. Let Entelo's talent acquisition experts serve as an extension of your recruitment team to develop tailored trainings aligning our product with your core sourcing and hiring goals.

Whether it's training up new team members or doing advanced trainings for your SME's, our team has you covered. Leverage our expertise from building global DE&I programs for many of the Fortune 500 to launch diversity sourcing and effective messaging trainings for your recruitment team.

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