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On-Demand Talent Campaigns

Bespoke recruitment marketing campaigns designed to get you results – fast.
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Accelerate Your Primary Roles in Just One Month

Go from requisition to hire in record time with Entelo’s On-Demand Talent Campaigns. We’ll work with you to achieve your hiring goals by optimizing how you engage with the right talent at the right time.

Targeted Talent Pools

We'll help you build a targeted talent pool with the best candidates for your open role.

Custom Engagement

We'll create and execute customized branded outreach campaigns with embedded links to drive engagement.

Drive Applications

You’ll receive applications from highly qualified candidates within one month – cue happy dance.

What Campaigns Can Entelo Accelerate?

Curious what on-demand campaigns Entelo can help you run? Here are some examples:


Build your diversity talent pool by engaging talent from various unrepresented groups such as Women, African American or Black, Latinx or Hispanic, Asian, and Veterans. 


Engage with a targeted talent pool that would be a good fit for a hard to fill or high-volume role that is currently open.


Re-engage with past applicants to keep talent warm and encourage them to reapply for specific positions or join your talent network to stay connected.


Promote your company and open positions to current university students or recent graduates who are in the early stages of their career search.


Build your Veterans talent pool and promote positions within your own organization directly to them.

Company Event

Promote company events to a predetermined candidate pool to increase pre-event engagement, attendance and ROI.

Here's the Proof


3X Open Rate

Over Industry Average


Over Industry Average

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