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Discover best fit talent faster and optimize your outreach strategy with predictive and actionable insights

Introducing Entelo Insights

Built into Entelo’s recruiting automation solution, Entelo Insights leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to deliver candidate-specific insights and outreach recommendations. Leverage those insights to optimize your recruiting strategy, increase your team’s productivity, and give your organization a competitive advantage.

“Entelo Insights provides all the data you need to connect with people at a deeper level. When you can scan through a resume and see what makes a candidate unique, you can understand where their career has been, and predict where they’ll try to take their career next.”


Erica Waichman

Head of Talent Acquisition | Formation.ai

“Having all of this intelligence in one place is going to greatly increase the efficiency of our recruiting team by eliminating the need to search for or make assumptions about this information on our own.”

Don Thorvund

Director of Talent Acquisition | Gainsight  

Go beyond resumes and social profiles with actionable insights

The ultimate indicator of fit for your open role

Get deep insights into prospective candidates by surfacing key data points not found on traditional resumes or social profiles. Discover candidates’ career highlights, likelihood of switching jobs, company fit, skill mastery, and estimated market value.

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Break through the noise to connect with promising candidates

Entelo has analyzed the largest database of recruiting emails ever sent to bring you conclusive evidence of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to candidate outreach. Get real-time and actionable recommendations to optimize messaging and increase candidate engagement.

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Source Smarter. Hire Faster.

Talent acquisition teams face the difficult challenge of determining candidate-fit using incomplete information from multiple sources, spending up to half of their work week sourcing for just one role. Instead of spending hours reading through online profiles and resumes, Candidate Insights gives you all the intel you need, in one place, so you can:

Qualify talent faster than ever before

Get candidate-specific insights such as career highlights and strengths, company fit, and estimated salary, to prioritize candidates that are likely the most interested in your open role, and dramatically reduce your time-to-hire.

Optimize your messaging for the highest engagement possible

With passive candidates, you only get one shot at a first impression. Leverage data-backed recommendations to optimize your outreach emails and get 30% more replies on average.

Focus on what matters

Entelo Insights analyzes hundreds of variables to help you find, qualify and engage with talent faster, so you can focus on building meaningful relationships.

See how Entelo Insights transforms the way you discover and engage with talent

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