A Diverse Workforce is Good Business

Entelo Diversity allows companies of all sizes to reap the benefits of building strong, diverse teams.

“Entelo has enabled our recruiters to find, qualify, and engage with a diverse talent pool in more efficient ways and has enabled HubSpot to develop more sophisticated and scalable recruiting practices.”

Becky McCullough

Director of Recruiting, Hubspot

Fill your pipeline with diverse candidates

Entelo Diversity’s proprietary algorithm helps you discover candidates from underrepresented groups based on gender, ethnicity, and veteran status, directly from within Entelo’s broader Search platform.

Surface qualified talent, instantly

Traditional recruiting techniques to find diverse candidates are time consuming and require significant manual work. Entelo Diversity search filters allow you to discover qualified diverse talent in minutes, instead of hours.

Track Toward Goals with Reports

Gain visibility into diversity sourcing efforts and measure progress at your organization with robust diversity reports. Gain a clear picture of the number of diversity searches being performed org-wide and drill down to understand which recruiters are leading the pack (and at what pace).


Demonstrate good faith efforts

Keep your talent team accountable by complying with federal regulations and demonstrating good faith diversity recruiting efforts. Entelo Diversity provides a level of objectivity as it relates to hiring practices, by layering a candidate’s skills and qualifications on top of diversity information.

“Highly inclusive organizations generate 2.3 times more cash flow per employee, generate 1.4 times more revenue, rate themselves 170 percent better at innovation, are 180 percent better in their ability to adapt to change, and are 120 percent more capable of meeting financial targets.”

Entelo is an award-winning leader in diversity recruitment

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