Everything You Need to be a More Data-Driven Recruiter

Entelo provides the built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards you need to measure your success

Recruiting is about so much more than just finding great candidates. You must also make important decisions about how to allocate your talent budget in the most efficient way possible. Entelo provides comprehensive analytics and reporting to accelerate your recruiting process and make informed decisions, every time.

Sourcing activity reports

Get a better picture of your talent pipeline and what it takes for your team to make a hire. Entelo sourcing reports capture total number of searches performed, profiles viewed, emails accessed, candidates contacted, candidates exported, and more.

Candidate Engagement Reports

Drill down into the performance of your email outreach campaigns to better understand how your messages are resonating with your audience. Entelo Track engagement reports allow you to analyze open, click-through, reply and export rates across your organization. You can also measure the success of various templates and messages sent on behalf of your hiring managers.

Team Performance Management

Understand the performance of each member of your team and share learnings from your top performers. See how many searches each recruiter on your team has performed, the number of diversity searches ran, candidates they’ve identified, and responses they’ve received. You’ll be able to drill down with fine granularity – slicing data for any team member, over any period of time.

“On a weekly basis, I have a competition on who the top three users of Entelo are. That’s because I can see how much more productive it makes my recruiters.”

Luan Lam

VP of Global Talent Acquisition | AppDynamics (now part of Oracle)