Isn’t it time recruiters had the same powerful email tools as salespeople?

Entelo Track gives modern recruiters the data-driven email performance they need to effectively engage with talent.

“It’s my responsibility to make sure I understand our candidates and reach out with emails that are extremely relevant. I love being able to see who’s opening and clicking on links in my emails. Using Entelo, our email open and reply rates have jumped significantly!”

Gus Brewer

Technical Recruiter | Hubspot

Turn Passive Leads into Engaged Candidates

Track your outreach in real time

Send, track, and analyze all of your candidate communication directly within Entelo Track. Entelo seamlessly integrates with your Gmail, Outlook Exchange or Office 365 email client, so you can gauge the performance of your efforts, prioritize outreach, and refine your outreach strategy over time.

Automate your follow up communication

Never stress about remembering to follow up with a candidate again. Enable follow up communication to automatically send on your behalf according to rules that you set (like after a certain period of time with no response from your candidate).

Get tailored and actionable recommendations to optimize messaging

Derived from the analysis of millions of recruiting emails sent over time, Outreach Insights offer the first conclusive and data-driven approach to candidate outreach.

Send on behalf of a peer or hiring manager

Candidates are more than twice as likely to respond to their peers or hiring managers than a recruiter. Watch engagement skyrocket when you send emails on behalf of your colleagues, and save your hiring managers valuable time.

Reach your candidate’s inbox at exactly the right time

When the timing of your email send aligns with your candidate’s schedule, you increase the chances your message will be read. Lean on Entelo to supply you with the send time that is the most likely to yield the highest open rate for your recipients. Then easily schedule your emails for sending, so they’re at the top of your candidate’s inbox at the best possible time.

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