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“The high level of engagement shown to us by the Entelo customer success team is truly exceptional. They have taken the time to learn about Schneider Electric – they understand our needs and the profiles we are looking for."
“One of our challenges is finding female talent, the other is finding talent that has a clearance. Entelo is helping us find those people.”
"It saves me on average 4-5 hours a week, which in the recruiting world is huge."
"We reduced time to fill by 20 percent directly related to incorporating Entelo into our talent acquisition process."
“Recruiting for retail can be difficult at times. Prior to Entelo, our effectiveness was decreasing because a lot of our message was getting filtered out as white noise. This is a big reason why Entelo has brought so much value…
“We asked ourselves, how can we continue to add diverse candidates to the top of the funnel? Entelo was the perfect choice to open up the funnel and help us cast a wider net.”
"When we were able to see the analytics and results of our trial from a data perspective, we were really blown away and impressed. By using Entelo, we were able to increase response rates by 20% compared to other tools."
"I think people will avoid LinkedIn until they are actually looking and then you are just one of the masses. We want to find people when they are not looking."
"Sourcing is a big part of my day to day. It has never been my favorite activity because of how manual and tedious it can be, but Entelo has allowed me to make sourcing less of a chore.”
“When we looked back and realized we hired 25 people through Entelo in a year, it was a no brainer that it was a return on investment.”
"On a weekly basis, I have a competition on who the top three users of Entelo are. That’s because I know how much more productive it’ll make my recruiters."
“With the help of Entelo, we’ve been able to exceed our sourcing goals and quickly bring on dozens of senior-level and mission-critical employees. It has quickly become my team’s most valuable resource for candidate research!”
Weebly considers Entelo one of the best technologies available for passive sourcing and relies on Entelo customer support for recruiting strategies and best practices.